Saturday, December 1, 2012

Remi & Donk Come Home

The many months and miles of separation from the big boys have come to end and they are finally settling in to their new digs.  It took quite a feat to get their home ready.  Although we didn't build a barn from scratch this time, they still needed a stall constructed so they would have a dry and cozy place to camp.  And of course we had to fence in three pastures and the dogs yard which took a heck of a lot to do.
I know that many of you have been faithful in following the big galoot's adventures and we appreciate your visits to see if there have been any updates.  But since we weren't around them, there was nothing to report that was blog worthy until now....
Remi has successfully settled into his role as pasture ornament and seems quite happy being one.  Little does he know that exercise and remembering good manners are close at hand.  He developed quite an attitude since being away from us so long and wouldn't so much as come close for a familiar Remi nose kiss or neck scritchin'.  
For the first week, they both stayed right at the fence and stared at the trailer around the clock as if to say, when are we going home.  But now, they are used to their new surroundings and are quite happy to be here. They both love the front pasture and buck and run as soon as they are allowed access. 
We've been getting a lot of rain lately and for some reason, Remi has decided to stand out in a total downpour and get soaked to the bone.  Donk on the other hoof, stands in the doorway of the barn to stay a lot drier than his big buddy.  We haven't figured out why he won't go into the stall where there's plenty of hay and dry ground to enjoy.  Ah, but we will.
One of the projects we weren't able to get to was installing light in the barn.  That is on our list, but we aren't so willing to work with electricity in the wet monsoon season, so we're hot on the trail to get some battery operated light in the meantime.  Maybe a nightlight will entice the big doofus to stay indoors during a rainstorm.
One cuteness we have observed is Donk coming to the barn door with a lot of hay on his back.  Unfortunately he gets a lot dumped on him from the hay rack and has become a donkey table.  Remi will come to the doorway and start eating the hay off his back which is hysterically funny.  If we're ever able to snap a picture, I'll be sure to post.
Of course, Remi has created quite a stir in the neighborhood.  There are several horses in the area, and word has spread so fast that there is a ginormous horse here now, so we've seen many riders.  A couple of weeks ago, it was raining to beat the band and both Remi and Donk had their attention focused on the road.  Now, I need to tell you that we have many wild creatures in the area including Bear, so naturally we needed to check out the situation.
There in the pouring rain were two girls on their horses, getting soaked to the bone and just staring at Remi. They told us they were just enjoying the awe of such a huge and magnificent animal.  We invited them to come back when it wasn't so nasty out and they said they would be back for sure.  Apparently the whole horse community and non-horse community know he is now here.
So, we're sure there will be more visitors to come and once he gets out in the public eye again, I'm sure there will be even more.
I hope you've enjoyed the update.  We'll try to keep you posted more and share the further Adventures of Remington.  Thanks for sticking around.
Stay Tuned, Stay Happy and Stay With Us

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