Friday, May 29, 2009

It's all about the food

Since we are now getting requests for more Remi stories I decided to share another with you. As I already mentioned, to date Remington has tasted most everything on the property and done so in some very flamboyant ways. I thought I had seen it all. BUT NO!!!! Here we go again..
It has become a way of life around here to Remi-proof things. It seems that his motto is that if you build it I can break it..

A few years ago his stall was next to the feed stall. BIG MISTAKE. First he figured out that he could reach over the top of the stall and literally lift a bale of hay over into his room and create his own buffet. What you need to know to understand this feat of Remi acrobatics is that the top rail of this partition was almost 6 ft tall. Our answer was to put up another rail raising the height about a foot. Now that is solved.. Ha! The very next week he chewed thru the spacers that we had left for air flow and proceeded to attack the hay down low. We of course did not see this at first because we had gotten used to protecting and repairing on high. This time he got stuck.. He ate half of a bale thru the space he chewed in the wall and then got the wire wrapped around his tooth. OK here comes the horsey dentist to pull a tooth. Thank god he would have lost it eventually anyway. Wolf tooth ya know.

Now to present day. I awoke the other morning to a crashing sound soo loud that I thought a car had hit the house. After a hurried check of the perimeter of the house I knew, that once again it was REMINGTON. I ran down to the barn only to discover that in his continued efforts to share in Princeton's hay he had somehow lifted the metal door off its hinges and thrown it across the aisle. This allowed "Stretch" to reach around the wall now unencumbered and eat at will. Bewildered Princeton is standing at the back of his stall wondering, no doubt, why his house is flying apart around him. Meanwhile Remington is munching happily on his partners hay. He's just found another obstacle to overcome in his never ending appetite for food and new ways to conquer all that lies in his reach.

Here's a link to some photos taken as he grew thru the years.

Bunny (Trainer mom)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Remi sinks like a rock

It's beginning to feel like we ought to get water wings for the big boy. Because of the black soil here he has to stay inside during and sometimes even a day or so after the rain. I took him for a little walk the other day as he had been cooped up in his stall. Took him to the far side of the house where I thought he could at least munch a little grass. RUT ROOOO! Even tho it didn't appear to be the ground was soaked. He sank in like a rock in water. As I was pulling him to drier ground I swear I heard sea gulls overhead.. That's just not right... You should see the craters he left in the lawn. Thought I'd show you a photo I came across. This was taken a couple of years ago, he was still growing then. The blacksmith thought it was easier going under him to get tools than walking around him. The horse standing behind him is almost 16 hands tall and weighs about 1300 lbs. She is a big horse and he makes her look like a midget.

Posted by trainer mom, Bunny

Friday, May 8, 2009

Remington's World Record Attempt Progress

We have received the guidelines from Guinness and are in high gear to get all the details taken care of for the official measuring. We will be conducting two measuring events due to the requirements. We will be measuring him with his shoes on June 5th and then measuring him with shoes off, on June 6th.

There is much to do as we have to find people willing to do video and still photos, and also find witnesses for the events, media contacts, etc.

We'll keep everyone updated on the progress and thank you for your continuing support. We have found several more competitor's, but it still looks like we are in the running to capture the title. We'll just have to wait and see.

Stay tuned for more news.