Saturday, June 27, 2009

Remington's Record Update

I received word from Guinness yesterday that they have received the materials I submitted and the claim is now in queue to be reviewed. It may take up to eight weeks to hear something from them as they view all claims on a first come, first served basis.

So, the wait continues and we'll let you know when we hear something.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Is Remi home??

Here's a story from when we first brought the bouncing boy home.

At that time we had two horses here for him to meet and greet, Princeton the shire we had hoped to pair him with and Sara a 15.2 Belgian/Arab crossbred. Princeton, although a gelding, was none too happy to see what he perceived as competition for his girl. His answer to that was to be aloof and keep him at hoofs distance; Literally. We weren't too worried about this as Prince has always been a big bluffer. Most of what he did was for show. A little flattening of the ears, show the teeth and a two step charge was all it took to convince the baby Remi that Grandpops wasn't in the mood to make friends just yet.

Sara, on the other hand was a whole 'nother story. Having always been (to put it nicely) a big flirt, we fully expected her to try to impress the tall, handsome new man with her girlish charms. No one could have predicted her reaction. When we turned Remi loose and she got an eye full of the bouncing baby she let out a whinny like I had never heard from her before, and trotted right up to the towering child (remember he was 17.2) and began to sniff and nuzzle him all over. She had just come out of season and now she thought that somehow this was her baby. It was plainly obvious to all who saw her with him that she thought this was her child. He had such a playful coltish attitude toward everyone and everything that she somehow failed to realize that(a)she hadn't had a baby (b)he wasn't really a BABY (c) he was waaaaay too big. She began to intercede between Remi and Princeton, often fighting Remi's battles for him, she followed him around everywhere hardly ever more that 3 to 4 feet away. That was comical as we would tell people who witnessed this that she was just following the shade.

Now I have to tell you that we did have some concern for Remi with Sara for about a week. You see we never could figure out whether she did this because she was teaching him, or because of her "Devil made me do It" personality. Every morning when the horses were turned out of the stalls she would herd him towards the fence. Once close enough she would turn and charge at him till he hit the hot wire and jumped away. She would then just walk away. I never could figure out if she was trying to teach him about the wire, or if she just wanted to know if the fence was on. Regardless in about a week he learned to never be between her and the fence. To this day, be it horse or human, he will never let himself be caught between a fence and another. He'll just calmly move around till he is out of fence position.

He is truly a creature of habit. I have to be careful in teaching him. Once he gets it, he's REALLY got it. I found this out in driving him. On his very first job I arranged for him to follow another carriage for a while. This meant that when we stopped to load passengers he was in the second position(Approx 20 feet back). The next year at the same job he pulled the first carriage position. He however remembered where we stopped to load passengers on the previous year, and that was where he would stop every time. Neither Cheryl on the ground nor I as his driver could convince him to move forward from that spot. The entire loading station, line of people, and four other carriages had to be moved back about twenty feet as Remington had learned it this way and this is the way it would be.

posted by trainer mom Bunny

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Remi Fun

It's been so hot here the last few days that we let Remington and the other two big fur kids play in the sprinkler yesterday. Oh, ok, it wasn't really the sprinkler, and they didn't really play, but getting cooled down with a garden hose doesn't sound like as much fun, does it?

Unfortunately, Remi's ranchette doesn't have a pond for a refreshing break from the hot summer sun, nor does it have very many trees. Thanks in part to Sir Remington and his fondness for uprooting them, we have had to use other methods to keep the horses comfortable. They have a nice mist system in the aisle of the barn and fans blowing a cool breeze their way. And we did plant some trees in the back pasture to give them some shade, but it has taken a while for them to grow.

Now, it hasn't been easy to get them to grow. First of all we had to barricade them with a fence so the huge girhorse (that's part giraffe, part horse) couldn't reach them. Well that was fine and dandy for a short time and it gave them some time to get a little taller.

They were doing pretty darn good, until......Drum roll please.....Yep, you guessed it, the big donkey pushed in the fence and was having a great time tearing off the leaves and bending the branches. I was on my way down to the barn, when I spotted Destructo Pony in action. "REMINGTON, STOP EATING YOUR SHADE!" I yelled.

Did he stop...noooooooooooo. He just had to do it again! Wow, what a surprise, huh...NOT!!! So once again, Remi changed the chore list. Instead of doing other things, trainer mom now had to move the fence back a little and straighten it up. That didn't exactly thrill her, because she had other things in mind for the day. But, with Remington, it is a way of life around here.

Despite two droughts and Remington's efforts to destroy them, the trees have grown taller and are now throwing a little shade. He still cruises by them now and then, and fondly eyeballs the branches. I know he'll loose his mind and try it again sometime when the branches come within reach. But for now, he's behaving around them. We'll see how long that lasts. Any bets?

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Remington's Early Days

So far you've heard about Remi's adventures since he came to live here. We have often wondered what he looked like as a baby and where in the world he picked up some of his funny habits. These were questions we thought would remain a mystery, until now.

We are now in contact with his first mom. Her love for this boy sent her in search of where he was, and led her right to where he is. We are busily trading stories about THEN and NOW, and I can tell you that Remington was a character right from the start.

Take a look at the picture. Can you see the big smile on his face the day he was born? From the get go, he was already thinking about mischief. "Hmmm, I'll rest here a minute and then see what kind of trouble I can get into". C'mon, look at that grin, can't you just see him plotting his next move?

The first 24 hours of his life were filled with love and exposure to all sorts of things like flags waving and whistles blowing to see how he would handle them. Apparently they didn't faze him. "Wheeeee, this is fun, what else do you have to show me? Does any of it taste good"?

Mystery number one solved. This totally explains why he's so laid back and why he loves people. She and her kids handled him with love and kindness and he responded back. His sweet nature makes you want to just give him a big hug.

By day two he was already sampling grain from his mama's feed bucket. Keep in mind a foal isn't weaned until 4 to 6 months of age. But with Remi, it's all about the food and he went straight to the big kids menu. Mystery number two solved. His huge appetite and never ending feeding frenzy started way early. Mom's milk was fine and dandy, but a growing boy needs some solids ya know. At least he thought so.

Another mystery was about his fascination for picking up things? Oh, oh, pick me, pick me, I know the answer to that question. Remi bonded with another clyde named Simba who loved to pick up everything he could. I guess Remi thought this looked fun and started to do the same thing. Of course, we're not really fond of him choosing healthy trees for toys, ya know.

Here's Simba with his bucket. I'll just bet Remi is around somewhere watching and learning.

Isn't it nice to find answers to your questions? I think so and when it comes to my boy, it's fun too!

There's more to come, so stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Remi's Paper Work Is On It's Way

This morning I finally put everything together and sent the evidence packet off to Guinness. It will take about a week for it to arrive in London and then more time to receive the official results. We are not sure exactly how long it will take. We sure hope not long, because the suspense will drive us bonkers!

It took some time to gather all the material from witnesses, photographers and the videographer and then make sure all the guidelines were followed to the letter.

So, now we wait! We'll let everyone know as soon as we receive word. Thanks for all your support, your comments and your visits. We appreciate you all and hope you'll stay with us for more of Remington's adventures.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed, ok?

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

THANK YOU & new story

Cheryl, Remington's owner mom, pointed out to me tonight that many of you following Remington's journey have signed on recently so I should look at the comments on my first posts.

I am amazed!! I wish to tell all of you "THANK YOU" from the very cockles of my tiny Irish soul.
This horse is truly amazing. I have trained and worked with horses most of my life, but never in some 40 years have I come across anything like this horse. He has not only occupied my life with challenges, but always gives us new reasons to laugh and an anticipation of what the new day will bring. He never disappoints us.

Now to another story---

That being said. Y'all need to know about rookies. All professions have them, but few are harder on them than in the horse industry. You see, people love horses, but they are not like cat or dogs that can be kept as pets, so many who love them have no idea what is really involved in their training or upkeep. Therefore when a horse professional encounters someone who, "Always dreamed of having a horse" we know the education process is going to be a bumpy ride.

Years ago, when Cheryl (Remi's owner mom) was a rookie she would try her best to support the training and rules that make the horses manageable and safe to work around. You know the things like don't charge to get food etc. I had explained to her that one must always be in command. Even tho you are you are smaller your attitude and body language will tell the horse that YOU are in charge.

Every night the horses are put in stalls and hay bags are hung at the door for them. I would simply tell the horse "BACK" with an authoritative voice and demeanor that commands my space and then hang his hay, that done I'd say "Ok good boy" and he then knows he can eat. Cheryl, being the softie with a big heart, however could not get the knack of this. Daily, for months what I would hear when she hung Remi's bag was--- "Back, Back I say, GET BACK!!, REMINGTON BAAAAAAAACK!!!!!

Today she is an accomplished horsewoman, handling her boy with confidence and ease. He know he is loved and doted on, but he also has manners and respects the commands of Momma Cheryl, but for a while I truly thought I would have to get her the whip and chair that I always pictured her with when feeding time came.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great Googly Moogly, Remi's Gone Hi-Tech

You know how proud you are when your child opens his or her's first saving's account, or wins a contest? Imagine the surprise of finding out your horse has done the same thing.

After opening Remington's email today, I found his spam folder filled with account verifications, bank applications and notices of contest winnings. There must be a hidden laptop in his stall that he has secretly been using late at night after his humans have gone to sleep.

Who knew he had this hidden talent? Certainly not me or his trainer mom and we have yet to find that laptop while cleaning his stall. Now, where could he be hiding it, I wonder? Just exactly how big is this keyboard that he can type on with his size 10 furry slippers?

Is he using voice activation? Neigh, Neigh can't possibly translate into open a Paypal account for me, can it? Or, maybe he's using a carrot to type. We don't have a clue. Do any of you have any ideas? Help us solve this mystery before loads of hay and carrots start showing up that we didn't order.

He's obviously been a very busy boy.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Remi, The Bobcat & The Boot

Now that you know about Remington's love for the bobcat, let me share another episode about HIS TOY!

A couple of years ago, the bobcat needed some repair work done. Early one September morning, the repairman and I were discussing the necessary fixes, when "guess who" comes up to see what was going on, and just who dared to touch his prize.

I let him investigate the situation, but instead of just observing, he just had to move closer and closer. As I pushed him back and scrambled to get out of his way, his foot came down right on the top of my foot..."OUCH". I immediately put an elbow in his chest to keep him from applying his full force, but he ended up scraping his size 10 shoe across my foot before he finally got back and lost interest.

I hobbled around the rest of the weekend and after noticing a rainbow of colors on my foot decided to go get it checked out. I wasn't able to see an orthopedic doctor at first, so I visited a local instant care facility on Monday. I had to wear a very funny shoe and was put on crutches. I wasn't able to go to the barn for a few days, so he never had the chance to see if the crutches tasted good.

I finally got in to see the orthopedic surgeon and it was determined that I had a torn ligament between my 4th and 5th toe and I ended up having to wear a very large boot. The first time I went to the barn in my boot, Remi, being his usual curious self just had to come up and put his nose down to see if it was a new tasty treat. NO, it's not, so leave it alone. I let him check it out anyway, because Remi just doesn't quit. He snorted and decided it really wasn't a treat to enjoy and off he went to explore something else.

Thanks to my bouncing baby boy, I can now predict when it's going to rain without the need to buy expensive weather equipment. And although it's not exactly the skill I would like to brag about, the whole experience did teach me to be extra careful around him and make sure where his huge hooves are at all times.

I spent three months in that "Cinderella slipper" and right before Thanksgiving (how appropriate), was finally able to walk boot free. It could make a very nice planter, however knowing Remington and his antics, I think I'll keep it around just in case.

It isn't exactly my favorite memory, but it's a Remi Memory, so I will cherish it always.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remi and the bobcat (machine not wild animal)

Ok, I keep getting requests for more stories, and truthfully I could write books about this horse as he just never quits or stops amusing us with his personality.

So here goes. On property is a bobcat, you know the same thing you see on many construction sites. We use it help clean stalls. Yes, that is the kind of equipment you need when you have a horse this big.

Now up till about 2 years ago the bobcat was his absolute favorite thing in the world. You see, he has not met too many things outside of buildings that were bigger, so he had no fear of it. The first time I started it he did his usual thing and bit it. phlucck!!! Not good to eat! He then proceeded to circle it and inspect. When he got to the bucket he placed both front feet on it and then the devil made me do it. I raised the bucket. Instead of jumping and running away, as most horses would do, he just put his head down and looked at me from a new and taller advantage.

After a few minutes I tried to dislodge the big lummox by rocking it and bouncing the bucket, but as would turn out to be a usual turn of events he not only didn't move, but seemed to enjoy it. This started a pattern that although amusing caused me to do double the work and pay for constant repairs on the bobcat. You see I had unknowingly created the first Remington amusement park ride. From that time on every time I needed to use the bobcat I had to give Remi a ride. He would come from any point on the property when he heard the engine start.

This continued till about two years ago when he got soo heavy that when trying to raise the bucket it didn't budge. The back wheels did however come off the ground. Seems like construction equipment should at least withstand the horse.

I have now replaced the seat twice. Remi bites ya know. I guess we are all a little upset when we finally realize that six flags is no longer for us....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some things never change

We decided to give Remi a special treat when we came home yesterday and turned him out in the yard next to the house. You know the one we had to fence off because he stood on the air conditioner and played fetch with my tree.

Well guess what.. Instead of just taking advantage of the really nice grass and grazing the big lug nut had to go and attack a tree again. See the broken limb on the ground and the other poor broken one hanging now dead off the side of the trunk. I really wonder what he has against trees. He doesn't even eat them, He just breaks them and carries them around.

Para os Brasilieros

muinto obrigado a nossos amigos novos no brasil!! Seus sustentação e poço desejam-nos meios bastante. especialmente Bunny (instrutor) viveu em Rio por diversos anos.

A medida de Remington quebrou o registro ontem. Agora nós devemos esperar Guinness para certificar o registro.
Isto pode fazer exame de diversas semanas

Eu tenho saudadge de seus país e esperança bonitos retornar outra vez. Nós afixaremos resultados aqui assim que nós soubermos.

English Translation:

Many thanks to our new Brazilian friends. Your well wishes and support mean a great deal to us. Especially Bunny (trainer) as she lived in Rio for several years.

Yesterday Remington broke the record. Now we must wait for Guinness to certify it. This may take several weeks.

I miss your beautiful country and hope to return someday. We will post the result here as soon as we know.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remi's Big Day

Hello World,

After an early morning talk with my sweet boy during his breakfast, he must have decided to take my suggestion to wake up and stand tall and proud. He got over his nap time agenda from his Friday's measuring and stood there like a real pro while he was measured at 80" inches without his shoes and passed the current record of 79.5".

After all, he's a country boy who is laid back and happy to lounge around the pasture, decide what kind of mischief he might get in to for the day, and make his frequent visits to the barn to make sure that his room is cleaned to his specifications. He's just not that into super energy mode most of his days.

The record still needs to be verified by Guinness and I am busy putting together all the information needed to do so . I would like each and every one of you to know that we appreciate the tremendous outpouring of support, the love and all the good wishes from the bottom of our hearts.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.


Remington measured at 80 inches (20 hands tall) today without his shoes. Yesterdays measurement was reported at 80 but upon viewing the photos of the measuring he measured at 80.5

Today's measurement still needs to be certified by Guinness to get their title, but even without it he is still 1/2 inch taller than Radar and that is a new world record.

When the measurement was announced to the crowd they all cheered. He posed for some photos etc. We have just now arrived home. He is happily munching on some well deserved hay, not even knowing how special he is except that his two mommas love him.

Thank you to all for your support and well wishes we might not have been able to withstand all the strain of this without you.

Remington and I are tired now, so we'll be back later.

Trainer mon Bunny

Remington's First Measurement

My boy is a pretty laid back horse and yesterday he decided it was going to be a lazy afternoon, which made it a little hair raising during his measurement. With a lot of coaxing, he finally stood up without relaxing his back foot and was measured at 8o"

For those of you who would like to read the story, here's a link to the newspaper article.

Today he will be measured with his shoes off and has to measure more than 79.5" in order to beat the current world record. It's going to be close for sure, so keep your fingers crossed.

So, we'll just see what happens today and no matter what, my love and affection for this horse will never change. It's been an incredible journey and I hope that you will continue to follow his adventures. Thank you all for your support.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Here We Go

Remington is happily munching his breakfast, unaware of his pending road trip today. I haven't told him yet, so shhhh, it's our secret for now. He has been quite the trooper this past week and has graciously left all the microphones and cameras in one piece. There were a few close calls and I thought I had bought some equipment for a minute there. Remember it's all about the food!

So, in a little while we'll take our walk to his horsie RV and head on down the road to get the big boy measured. I'm packing him a snack of carrots and peppermints so he'll be a happy, happy boy. He is anyway, but when there is food, there is joy.

I'll post today's measuring results as soon as I can and hope you'll stay with us through our journey and beyond.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome To Remington's World

I would personally like to welcome all new followers and fans of Remington. The response to his quest for the World Record has been met with overwhelming good wishes and wonderful comments.

I hope that you will continue to follow his adventures and that they can bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart. For those of you who have shared info on your special babies, keep them coming. We love hearing about all these wonderful animals and each and every one of them is a true source of happiness and unconditional love.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement and well wishes, and for your support. We will keep you all posted and report the result as soon as we know something.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us. We're glad you're here.