Sunday, August 1, 2010

Remi's Bodyguard

Remington is one happy and content horse since his little buddy arrived. I don't know if he knows that he has a protector in his pal or not, but I do believe he senses the comfort.

Not that we have lots of predators roaming the area, but there are coyotes, wild pigs and the occasional bobcat that come sniffing around. It's nice to know that Remi has a bodyguard to help keep him safe.

It was pretty cool the other day when a neighbor's dog was out roaming to close to the fence. Donk was happily munching hay with Remi under the shade at the barn, when he went into alert mode. Up went the ears, and he turned around and eyed that dog very closely.

He very slowly stepped out behind Remi and watched till the dog was out of site before turning around to resume eating his snack. Now, Mr. oblivious didn't even know what was going on since he had his nose buried so deep in the hay bag and Donk was a good boy and didn't tell him :)

The two of them are great pals for sure and Donk's new game is to run up to Remi from the other side of the pasture with his ears pinned back and then come to a screeching halt. Remi will turn around and look at him with that look of "what the heck are you doing shorty?" and just ignore him. So, back to the other end of the pasture Donk will go and the play charge will start all over again.

It just cracks me up to watch the two of them. They truly are a Mutt and Jeff duo. It's been so hot lately that the two of them have been hanging close to the barn under the mist system and fans. Donk didn't know what to make of the mist system at first, but has now caught on that this is quite a good thing. Wherever Remi goes, you can be sure that Donk is not far behind.

I think he likes all the "pardon the pun", creature comforts of the ole ranchette. He didn't know what to make of his stall at first, but now loves to go in and roll around in the bedding. He'll lay there for a little while, but get's up and down quite frequently to go stand at Remi's gate, share a little hay and protect his big bud. I wonder what they talk about?

Of course, Remi has to push the little guy around every once in awhile just to exert his dominance over his herd, but he doesn't do it in a mean way. He just wants Donk to know that he has the power to do so. Donk doesn't give a darn, he'll just walk away and wait for his opportunity to get back in and grab a mouthful of hay.

If any of you have horses or livestock of any kind and don't have a donkey, I would highly recommend that you think about getting one. They are really easy keepers and take their job of protecting the herd very seriously. And, they can be very sweet and a lot of fun. I'm certainly glad we have Donk around and Remington is too.

Stay Tuned, Stay Happy and Stay with Us!


  1. They appear fearless! They are better than any watch dog

  2. Just found your blog via YouTube. Boy, can I relate to your stories! We are located just south of Houston, TX - I have a 18.1hh Percheron - NL Valentino (aka Tino - Dufus, Moose, Butthead - depending on the day he has had) I got Tino from a PMU farm in Cnada when he was 9 mths old. They told me to be happy if he makes it to 17hh, at 17.2 I asked when he would stop... they were amazed at his height. He stayed at my sis-in-laws for the first few years we had him and his stall buddy was Muffin, the Wonder Donkey! They were SO cute together and an inseperable pair! They shared a 12x12 stall and acted like an old married couple! When we finally moved him to our place he has had a variety of pasture buddies but for the last 3 yrs his best buds are my 16.2 OTTB mare and a 15hh Mustang gelding! He is constantly a source of entertainment for us and like yours, ALWAYS finding a way to get in trouble! Remington should visit the Texas Draft Horse show in Brenham in Oct. We would LOVE to see him work! Thanks! Jan


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