Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where's Remi?

Hello Remi Peeps. I bet you've been wondering if we've all been swept up by a ginormous twister and sent flying into the sunset somewhere :) Actually, we're still in the great Pacific Northwest and busy as all get out. A few things have changed since the last post and I truly apologize for the huge time lapse, but getting settled is no small task as you may well know.
I've found work and have been deeply involved in learning my new job. We found a house with acreage for Remi and Donk to come home soon and well, it's just been busy busy.
Remi and Donk have moved up to the mountain top to a new boarding stable. They've got huge paddock and gorgeous view of the Olympic mountains. The rainy and cold season is upon us and Donk is sporting a nice fur coat, while Remi is still a little slow in taking his off the horsie hanger :)
We don't get to see them much and miss them terribly. However, when we do get to visit, we're met with a big ole bellow, followed by several nickers. Donk greets us with his usual Hee Haw and they both are well aware that we are bringing them apple oaties to munch upon.
Everyone at the place is still in awe of Remi's size and when we had a Boarder's party on Labor Day, there was a steady stream of visitors to his and Donk's stall. Of course Remi towers above the other horses, but they don't seem to be intimidated by his size whatsoever. Nope, they were there first and stand their ground. Of course, it does help to have an electric fence in between, just in case :)
It's going to be a little while before we can get the boys on the new property. We're still waiting for a tidbit of remodeling to be completed before we can move in. And, of course there's a huge swing set sitting smack dab in the area we need to put up shelter for them, which needs to be sold. And, since the weather is not going to be real nice and dry, we've decided to leave them where they are until we can get a small barn put up for them. We want to make sure they've got shelter and and won't be out in the elements. They're being taken care of real well, so we're very happy about that.
We think they're going to like their new digs though. There's lots more room than they had at the ole ranchette in Texas and more trees for shade in the summertime. Once they're back with us, we'll be able to keep you posted more often. Until then, we'll try to share "Get Remi and Donk" home progress.
We wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Don't give up on us, because we're still here and there are more adventures to come, I promise!
Stay Tuned, Stay Happy, and Stay With Us!


  1. It is so good to hear from you! We miss Remmi, Donk and you!

  2. SO happy to hear all is well! I was really wondering how you all were doing and how Remi and Donk were too! Thank you for the new report. Good luck with the new job and new digs!!

  3. Great to see you back on line. Sure have missed the stories of Remmi and Donk. New jobs sure can get in the way of having fun, but know it will be worth it when all is said and done. Glad you are in the Northwest. Weather will be a big change for all of you, but know you will love it like the rest of us who live in the Northwest. Christmas greetings from Southern Oregon.

  4. I am delighted to see you are posting again! I've missed your funny tales! Happy New Year to you all!

  5. Hey stranger! My how much can change whenever you fall out of touch! Think the last time we communicated was over compost. Darn, I was really looking forward to meeting Remi! So close but yet so far. Glad you have found work and getting settled in your new digs. Looking forward to your next update and progress. Give Remi a big kiss for me! Miss your humor!

  6. I keep checking and still find no update. Sure do miss your stories and hope that all is well in your new home and job.


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