Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remington's World Record Attempt Is On!

This morning I received word from Guinness that we may proceed with the World Record attempt for the World's Tallest Living Horse. I haven't told Remi yet, because I don't want him to get a bigger head than he already has, or develop a case of media jitters.

There is much to do and we are excited to finally start working out all of the details that will go into the official measuring event. Stay tuned for further updates and thanks to all his fans and supporters who have been sending good thoughts and encouragement.

And away we go.....


  1. Remi, stand tall and proud and maybe you will get extra treats!

  2. Woo-Hoo! Make us proud Remi! Its been a long, but worth-while wait!

  3. My how the little tyke has grown.I knew him when he was a mere scamp of 17.2 GROW REMI GROW!!!


  4. Go Remi!! We are realy excited for you. Like what has been said before "STAND TALL" big guy.

  5. This is very cool! Congratulations upon making it this far into the competition and best of luck toward the ultimate goal! What a fun horse you are Remi!!


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