Friday, July 24, 2009

Naughty Remi

Remington is taking the lazy days of summer pretty seriously. He shuffles around the pasture pulling out the occasional weed, shaking it around and finally spitting it out because it doesn't taste good. When that game is no longer any fun, he'll wander over to the barn to get in our way while we try to do our chores.

The other day was shoeing day and Remi goes first because he takes the most time. He usually stands very well and behaves himself for the farrier, but this time, he decided it wasn't going to be that way.

The horses get shod in the carport, which is right outside the computer room. While I was working, I kept hearing, "REMINGTON, behave". So, outside I went to investigate the situation and Derek, our farrier told me that Remi decided it was "The Day" to keep leaning on him and was not cooperating. I guess he felt it was to much work to stand up straight. Hmmm, sound familiar? Remember he didn't want to stand up straight for his first world record measuring?

I told Remi to behave or he wouldn't get his after shoeing peppermints and back inside I went. I barely sat back down when I heard "HEY NOW!" which means he's up to mischief again! Back out I went and Derek had Remi's front foot on the pedestal and was trying to get him to put it down. Nuh, uh, Remi wasn't budging. Wee, this is fun! He tugged on his feathers a couple of times and Remi finally let his foot down.

He was being pretty naughty alright. Thank goodness we have a very patient farrier who adores Remipup, or we might be searching the want ads for a new one. I really have to wonder sometimes, what goes through my boy's mind. He's such a sweet boy, but he does have his moments and even though he was misbehaving, I gave him a peppermint anyway. I just can't help myself.

Yesterday, Derek brought us some hay, and Remi went over to him and put his head down for a good ear scratch and I bet he nickered he was sorry. Derek gave him a big hug and all was forgiven. We'll see if he goes back to being a good boy for his next shoeing. One just never knows when it comes to Remipup.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.


  1. Yeaaaaaaa, Remi! We're glad you got your peppermint! You're quite the scooch!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch


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