Thursday, July 30, 2009

Still Waiting...

It has been five weeks since I submitted the evidence to Guinness, so I sent them an inquiry to see if they could give me some sort of status update. They replied that they are experiencing an unusual amount of claims this summer and mine should be reviewed shortly.

In the meantime, we have had several days of rain, which means Remington and the other horses have been confined to their rooms. Because of the massive amount of mud, we just don't want them slipping and sliding all over the pasture, and possibly hurting themselves, so they have to stay inside until the ground dries.

It looks like the rain has cleared out of the area, so since we can't let them out, it's probably time to take them for a walk to stretch their legs. It's pretty funny to see dogs out in their yards barking like crazy at the big guys walking down the street, and most especially when they see Remi. I can just imagine they are thinking "Big dog, ooh ooh ooh, that's a big dog".

The neighbors are pretty used to seeing them now and again, but no matter how many times they see Remington, they always say, "he's so huge". And Remington always wants to know if they have any snacks for him. He doesn't care if it's time for trick or treating because it's always treat time for Remington. Or, at least he thinks so.

Once the ground dries and we open their gates, there's always a lot of bucking and kicking up their hind legs going on. It's funny to watch them take off and have fun. We'll usually watch for a little while, because most definitely Remi will lead the herd in a good roll on the ground. Down he'll go, rolling from side to side, and finally rolling all the way over. Then up he comes for a good shake and back to the hay he goes. I may have to take the camera and see if I can capture the moment for all of you.

Rest assured, that I will post the results from Guinness as soon as I hear from them. It's got to be soon, don't you think? I hope so anyway.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.


  1. It is always fun to watch the horses romp and play.

  2. A Remi romp sounds like it would be fun to watch!


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