Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remington's Fan Fun

There's not much excitement around Remi's little ranchette right now. We've had several days of over a 100 degree temperature and very little wind to give any relief. So, Remi and the herd are moving a little more slowly and spending a lot of time hanging out under the mist system munching hay. Whoopie, this won't make the headlines.

However, that doesn't mean that Remi doesn't find any mischief to get into. Oh yes, he does. Since the horses are getting put up a lot earlier to keep them out of the hot summer sun, it gives Remi more time to plot destruction. He just can't help himself.

The target of his latest quest was one of his stall fans. No matter how many times we point it in his direction, he just can't leave well enough alone and has to change its position. We'll find it pointed up, down and all around. Every direction, except where it's supposed to be pointing.

The other day, I went into his stall and found one of the knobs from the fan laying on the ground in front of his gate. So now besides spinning it around, he's taking it apart. I'm telling you, I need to teach him to fix what he breaks. Oh, how I wish!

Fortunately, it only had a small crack in it and I was able to screw it back on pretty easily. This was lucky considering all it would take is one step and CRUNCH, it would be history. We usually have to replace his fan at least once a summer and sometimes twice. Thank goodness for the discount stores, right?

So, although it's not the most exciting Remi story, I thought I would share it with you anyway. I'll let you know what he gets into next. And you know it will be soon, because, he's Remi!

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.


  1. We know Remi and the herd are feeling this heat! We hope they can stay cool!

  2. Be glad you aren't here, we got to 121 yesterday. Hasn't been this hot in a couple of years, and no change in site. Becky

  3. That's too darn hot. Stay inside and be cool.


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