Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rain and More Rain

I'm sure you all may have been wondering why there hasn't been any new posts about Remi in several days. Well, that's because he's actually been behaving for the most part, and now after several days of rain, with more to come, he and the others are stuck in their stalls being quite bored. So there really hasn't been much to report.

Somehow, Remi did manage to break his halter, but it has been temporarily fixed until I can order him a new one. Let's see where is that website that sells GIGANTIC HORSE HALTERS! I asked him how he did it, but he's not talking. It could very well be that he got the strap caught on the gate when he knocked his hay bag on the outside and decided to munch on what was in front of his stall.

Or, he could have been aggravating the new kid next door, or Princeton and got it hung on something. After all, he's bored and has to have something to keep him occupied. Maybe I should install Horse TV in their stalls so they have something to watch on these rainy days. Do you think they would? Umm, nah, I don't think so. They'd probably argue over who gets to use the remote :)

Anyway, it's pretty quiet and I still can't go to the barn to observe his antics, but maybe in the next week or so, I'll be out of this boot and I'll have more to report. There's still no word from Guinness, but as always, we remain hopeful that it will be soon.

So until next time....

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us

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  1. The would probably eat the remote and leave the channel on Court TV!


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