Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Tribute To Remi's Trainer

As always, Remington has been receiving dozens of compliments on what a beautiful, magnificent and amazing horse he his. Some of that is due to his good breeding and the wonderful care he received from his first mom, but the largest majority of what this horse is today, is all due to his amazing and wonderful trainer mom, Bunny.

I am in total awe of her knowledge of horses and everything it takes to raise them, train them and drive them. I have learned quite a few things from her, but there isn't enough time in the world to ever catch up with what she knows and how she handles them.

She made sure from the very first day, that Remington was put on a good feed program, with the right supplements to help him mature into the fine horse that he is now. She recognized the fact that he needed time to grow properly before ever beginning his training. So, he romped and played for five full years before he even had harness put on him. And before she put one piece of harness on him, she had the vet x-ray his legs to make sure he was ready to go.

Her countless hours of ground driving has left her with permanent shin splints, which at times causes her a great deal of pain. But she keeps going day after day, not only with Remi, but with the other horses as well.

The first time I rode with her and Remington on the training cart, I was so in awe as to how she could sit behind this gigantic creature with so much power and calmly navigate down the road. I couldn't even see in front of us. But she would just look through his legs to keep an eye out for what was in front of her and eased him into a slow trot around the neighborhood. I quite frankly got a little nervous, so I hopped off at the house and just watched from the side of the road.

There isn't enough time or space to describe all the wonderful things she has done with the horses and especially with Remington. As congratulations keep pouring in for the record, I make sure that everyone knows, that his high stepping action, his beautiful coat, his big healthy body and his ability to remain calm around large crowds is all due to her.

So, I wanted to tip my hat to Bunny for giving me the most wonderful horse in the world. Oh, sure I bought him and I have done my share of raising him. But, his excellent training, what he is when he's in harness and the magnificent horse you have all come to know is all because of her.

Without her, Remington would be a very large horse in the barn, eating me out of house and home and although I would love him just the same, he makes me so proud when he's out on a job and for that I am forever grateful to Bunny.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us!


  1. What a lovely tribute and thanks to Bunny. Good job! And compliments to you both.

    I had a little giggle at one point though,when you said "she would just look through his legs to keep an eye out for what was in front of her". I picture this gigantic gorgeous horse being tracked very closely by a midget sized (I know it's not)buggy with two tiny women in it. Look between his legs???? Yes, I'd say he's the Tallest Horst In The World alright.

    Now you really must take a photo and show us how he looks when in harness and hitched.

  2. Congratulations to Bunny on a well behaved Winner.


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