Friday, October 2, 2009

Cool Weather Remipup

Howdy Folks, it's that time of year for cooler weather and of course the great State Fair of Texas. Remi and the other horses are enjoying the occasional cool spells, but still don't like the extra rain that comes before it. It certainly is a buzz kill for them, because they know it's horsey lockup time and that means no bucking and chasing through the pasture for a little bit.

I got to thinking about the State Fair and how Remi might stack up next to Big Tex. For those of you unfamiliar with Big Tex, he is a ginormous cowboy who welcomes visitors each year to the fair. Now, imagine taking Remipup to stand next to Big Tex. "Howdy Remi, welcome to the State Fair of Texas".

He would positively dwarf Remi, but I think it would be hysterical, don't you. Of course, there is a corny dog stand right next to Big Tex and by golly, Remi would smell the cooking and pay no attention whatsoever to anything the other big guy in Texas was saying. Or, he might just set his sights on the cotton candy machine. Look Out, Sugar High in Progress.

Great googly moogly, if Remington got anywhere near that cotton candy, it would be a gonner. I mean to tell you, that would be equal to 300 peppermints or more in one fell swoop. And let's see if I could keep him on a lead rope at a walk. Nope, I don't think so :)

That entire scenario will not be taking place however, but I thought it would be funny to share that picture with you. We won't be going to the fair this year. My foot isn't healed enough to walk around, I'd be too dangerous in a motorized cart, and I am lucky enough to be starting my new career next week. I'm going back to work to make peppermint money :)

In the meantime, I hope we don't have the nasty rainy winter they are predicting. That isn't going to make the big boy happy, nor us either for that matter. I keep thinking that if I win the lottery, we can find a place with a big ole indoor pasture for the monsoon seasons. But that's about as likely to happen, as it is for Remington to clean his own room.

So, we'll enjoy the clear cooler weather while we can and enjoy watching Remi's spunky jumps in the pasture.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us!


  1. Congrats on the new peppermint money job!

  2. You're going to be making peppermints? Is it because Remi eats you out of house and barn and you can't keep mints around at home at all? Look out, you'll come home smelling of peppermint and he may kiss you to death. :-)

    Still loving your stories. Keep 'em comin'.

  3. No making peppermints :) I'll be making money to buy the big ole bags for Remi and the other fur kids!

    Glad you like the stories, we love sharing :)


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