Saturday, October 3, 2009


It's never been a secret that each and every animal that lives at the ranchette is a tad bit spoiled and many times Remipup gets a little extra attention from me. That is, when he's not acting like he's spoiled and is his usual sweet ole self.

It seems that he's not very happy with me staying away from the barn for so long and yesterday he let me know about it. I finally hobbled down to the barn to see the big boy and give him a big ole kiss on his nose. He was already in his stall munching on his hay. So, I said my usual "Remi kiss" to him and he started to put his nose out and then quickly jerked it away.

OH NO YOU DIDN'T! Where is my sweet boy and where's my kiss? The words barely left my mouth, when he decided to turn around, move to the back of the stall and just glare at me. WHAT? Are you giving me attitude Remi? What's the deal? Don't I make sure you have carrots and peppermints? Haven't I been saving the apple cores for you? Haven't I blown big kisses to you in the pasture? So, what's up? That makes me sad :(

About that time, trainer mom came around the corner and told me what started the attitude. It seems Remi and Princeton were keeping one of the new kids Tuck away from the hay and were almost teasing him. Busted by trainer mom, Remi and Prince were scolded and put in their rooms a few minutes early. Horsey Time Out at its finest. Oh, oh, oh, they were not happy about that. Their little horse feelers were bruised.

So, not knowing about this earlier, I thought Remi was unhappy with me. Well, no, I guess he really wasn't. He was unhappy with early lockup and the scolding, and I was getting the major attitude pout fest phase. And when Remi gets his attitude going, trust me, it's a plenty big time attitude to deal with. He's not mean, or anything, he's just not a happy camper.

Well alrighty then, go ahead and pout. If you and your brother were being naughty, then you deserve your time out. I'm going in the house and we'll try this again tomorrow. Why don't you think about that one mister. Mom has left the barn!

Today, I was down at the barn again, just to see how Mr. Tude was doing. With the rain coming in, he was in his stall waiting for a new hay bag. Ah Ha, you don't have anything to distract you, do ya? So, once again, I said to my bouncing baby boy "Remi kiss" and out came the nose and I gave him a big ole kiss and a good scritchen. Yippee, he's over his pout fest.

It was good to be around him a little more again. I still can't be out there long, but I'll be back to where I can move out of the way of his big turkey platters again soon, and he'll get kisses and hugs more frequently.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us!


  1. Great story again. I'm never disappointed. World's tallest horse gets and attitude. I love it!

    Glad you're back to the barn again and receiving Remi-kisses. Maybe you'll heal up faster too.

  2. it is funny how our animals will pout. I have been gone for a week and mine did not want any thing to do with me when I first got home.

  3. i have just found your blog! my human, who is a little eccentric, is looking at buying a clydesdale. i had no idea they were so big! i cannot see how he will fit on the sofa...


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