Saturday, October 31, 2009

Remi's Hay Bag Nabbing Spree

Hi everyone. The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day outside. Remi and the other fur kids are out romping in the mud and having a ball. The month of October has been such a rainy mess that the sunshine and horse's freedom are a welcome sight. The ground is dry enough for them to be out safely and happily without fear of getting hurt. Yet, there are still some moist spots where they can roll with glee and get positively filthy!

Since it's Halloween and he's been rolling in the paddock, I think I might just hook a lead rope to his halter and take him trick or treating as a gigantic mud ball :) I bet the neighbors wouldn't be expecting that one, now would they?

During his time in the stall, Remington, as usual, got quite bored and decided he needed something to do so he chose to partake of Princeton's hay. We put a cross bar up which used to keep him from getting his head around and nabbing the hay, but he figure out a way to get around that barrier so something else had to be done. Everything is constantly changing around that boy!

It seems Remi figured out that he could snake his head around the cross bar and grab the hay bag string and yank it up and over the gate. Once he did this, he was able to swing it closer and yank some hay out of the bag. Poor Princeton watched as his supper was swinging back and forth and the big stomach on stilts was eating it.

So, trainer mom moved it over to the other side of the stall, well out of the big donkey's reach. And needless to say, this was not a cool move for Remington. He didn't like it one bit. Now what was he going to do?

You could see the surprised look on his face when he snaked his head around and lo and behold, there was nothing to nab. Zip, nada, nope, nothing's there big guy. "Hay, what did you do with the bag?" "Can't a guy have an extra snack anymore?" Princeton is very happy with the new location, but Remi doesn't like it one darn bit.

The way he acts, you would think we never fed him. Ha, there's a big joke. But for Remington, if there's not something to munch on 24x7, he's not happy. Poor baby Remipup, the conveyor belt from the hay stall is broken and you're wasting away to a mere shadow of your former self :)

We're hoping the weather will cooperate more so he can start getting more constant exercise. It's time for him to start his pulling sessions so his muscles are nice and built up for the holiday season. In the meantime, I'm sure he'll find something else to get into, because, well, he's Remi.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us!


  1. Bless his heart, he's still up to his old tricks.
    At least Princeton has a chance at a full meal now. :-)

    Take care and keep writing.

  2. Big and clever, now that's a mischievous combination. I can see why you are always having to make adjustments to keep 1 step ahead of the big guy.


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