Monday, August 17, 2009

It's a "Guy Thing"

So, with Remi taking meds orally and getting his leg painted with medication he is not a happy camper. I have gotten all but one leg healed, but I can see now that this is going to be a long drawn out project. Apparently that leg was the scene of the most bites and inflammation. Now that alone would have been bad enough, but between the itching and the flies he began gnawing on his boo-boo's and has made a real mess of himself.

I've now taken to bandaging the leg to keep him from it overnight, but as usual he is trying to beat the system by chewing thru the leg wraps. Next comes the cayenne pepper on the outside of the bandage to try to keep him from chewing them off.

It was the meds and bandaging that caused him to send me rolling like a bowling ball across his stall. Keep in mind that he didn't kick me, he just did what any kid would do with mom putting iodine or the like on a scrape, he keeps trying to yank his leg out of reach.

As a precaution, I decided to add electrolytes to his water in order to insure that he is drinking enough while on the meds. Usually don't need that as he normally drinks almost 40 gallons of water per day. His water bowl in the stall is a 55 gallon plastic drum. Now when you do something like this, you have to do it to all available water sources. That means the outside water barrels & Princeton's too.
Here's where the fun begins... It smells and tastes a little like raspberry. Not too bad I think. WRONG!!! It turns the water PINK. Horrors.. You could see it on their faces and almost hear both the horses saying "Its PINK, I ain't drinkin that!"
So out comes the salt to rub on their tongues periodically until they finally give up and decide to drink the snazzy new colored water.

My days are getting longer with each new addition of how to medicate the Remipup. Just another episode in how to raise and care for the big galoot.

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  1. bout a cone like they use on dogs and cats...That would be a trip.

  2. Already thought of that, but it doesn't work on horses because of the long neck. They make a thing called a cradle, but I have heard of horses that injured themselves wearing it. I am certainly open to suggestions, but it seems that for right now it will have to be what I described and a lot less sleep for me as I check on him every couple of hours or so.


  3. How about a cribbing muzzle...but on second thought it probably wouldn't work for him. No eating all night long, would NEVER work.
    I looked at that cradle, and it really does look like trouble for your big guy. Hopefully the bites (his and the ants) will heal soon.


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