Saturday, August 15, 2009

Missing Remi

It's been a little over a week now since the big foot came down on mine and it has kept me away from my boy for longer than I like. Poor trainer Mom has been playing house keeper and doctor all by herself and Remi hasn't exactly been cooperating.

He has still been biting at his one leg more than we would like, so trainer Mom has had to resort to wrapping it up to keep the flies and his big teeth away from his boo boo's so they will heal. For the most part, the ant bites and his bad reaction to them have cleared up, but since he insists on irritating his leg, he will now have to remain in the leg wrap until it heals better.

I swear, he is such a handful sometimes. Before I was banned from the barn while my foot is healing, I was helping treat his bites with medicine. Now, let me tell you, I trust my big boy, and he's pretty good about letting you take care of him, but you do have to let him know you are doing it, or you can get a swat from his tail because he thinks you are a fly.

Both of us know how to make sure he doesn't kick us so we weren't too worried about that. However, even though the medicine didn't sting, he didn't like us fussing with his leg and kept picking it up and moving it around, which made it harder for us to get the stuff on his leg at the right place.

The other day, trainer Mom came in the house and was not real pleased with him. It seems that he raised such a fuss that she lost her balance and had to do a tuck and roll to get away from him. Can you say mega aspirin time? You have to get in some pretty awkward positions to apply the medicine and one sudden movement from him can cause you to loose your balance quickly.

Yesterday, he fussed a little too much and BOOM, down she went again and hit her head on the stall wall. I can tell you that she wasn't very HAPPY and it didn't exactly thrill me either. I was on the computer working when she came in the door and all I heard was "YOUR BOY", and I knew he had misbehaved again. Great googly moogly, two days in a row. Remington, what are you doing? Get out the aspirin!

I don't know how much longer I will be banned from the barn. My foot is still giving me plenty of problems and if I go down and start moving around on it too much, there is a chance I can do more damage to it. So, I have to watch from the window to see what he's up to. He seems to be getting over the mopes from Sara being gone, which is good. But I do have to wonder what other mischief he's thinking about.

I'll eventually get back in the saddle, so to speak and will be able to be around him a little more and then I can share some more stories with everyone. Until then I have to rely on reports from trainer Mom and sit inside hoping that I don't hear "YOUR BOY" again when she comes in the door.

Knowing Remi, I don't give it too long :)

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.


  1. Take care of that foot! Your Boy will be ok.

  2. Poor Remi. First he loses Sara, then the ants, then the reaction to venom, then he loses one Mom, then Trainer Mom turns into doctor who is to be thwarted anyway possible. What will he have to endure next? As to the Two Moms... what will you have to endure next also? I love hearing about your adventures!


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