Sunday, August 30, 2009

Remi Pout Fest

Sometimes I wish I could get inside my boy's only working brain cell and figure out just what he is thinking. He has been going through a major pouting faze lately and neither one of us can quite figure out what's causing it.

It pretty much started right after Sara left. He bellowed and looked all over the pasture for her for at least 3 days. He and Princeton finally settled down and stopped looking for her, but we could still tell that Remi missed her. He had that lost puppy look on his face.

Because I'm still in the boot and on limited barn visits, I haven't been down to see him much either, so maybe he's missing me too. He isn't speaking to trainer mom right now, because she's the one who was treating his leg and he didn't LIKE IT. Anytime she goes toward the stall, he turns his back to her and starts pouting in Bad Boy Corner, appropriately named because every time he misbehaves, he goes to the back right corner of the stall and ignores us. It's almost like he thinks if he can't see us, we can't see him. Hmmm, not working Big Boy!!

About 2 weeks after Sara left, trainer mom brought the new kids home. Remington is fascinated by the two of them and will look at them for long periods of time through a knothole in the wall of the loafing shed. We've had to keep the big boys separated from the little ones until we can get them all used to each other and so no one gets hurt. I think it's going to take some time for that to happen. Here's a picture of him peeking through the knothole. He stood there for 45 minutes just looking at them.

He and Princeton weren't too happy today when the little guys got put out in the back pasture and they couldn't go. So, with new kids on the playground and Remi, not allowed to play with them, he has continued to Pout! Maybe he's just frustrated that he can't play with them. Maybe, he can't figure out what they are, or maybe he's just being a big spoiled Doofus, who wants all the attention. I dunno, I can't figure it out.

Yesterday, pouting turned into mischief and he decided to break into the feed stall and help himself to the buffet. He had a grand ole time getting into the oats, Princeton's feed and the alfalfa cubes, and managed to knock over two of the three feed barrels. He must have heard the patio door shut and gone into a panic because he backed out of there so fast, he tore the door off the chicken coop, broke a broom, and backed right into the corner post of the barn and split it in two. He hit it with enough force that the base of it was cracked as well. Oh noooooooooo!!

Into pony prison he went and straight to Bad Boy corner where the pout fest continued. I actually went to the barn and let him know, I was not happy with him one little bit! I don't like to scold him, but he was just acting like a big spoiled brat and that is not acceptable.

With the help of some dear friends, a new post was installed, but Remi had to remain inside his stall and finish his sentence. It would be our luck that he would go over and knock the new post down while the cement was still drying. Nuh Uh, that was not happening.

So far today, he hasn't gotten into any trouble, but then again, the day isn't over. He's not talking to either one of us right now, so he must be plotting while pouting.

Go figure, a big horse with a big attitude. That's my boy!

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.


  1. When will we get to see the little ones?

  2. We'll post some pictures shortly.

  3. I thought I was faithfully reading every post that came along but I missed the one talking about "the little ones". Who are they?

    Poor Remi, his world is really been shaken up lately. He's such a personable fellow, it's too bad you can't truly speak his language. You come so close.

  4. Remi has two new little brothers. They are paint/morgan/standardbred cross and are half brothers. We'll post some pictures as soon as we can get some of the two.

  5. He is such a big baby. I can just see him in a panic trying to get to a safe area so he could act like he had nothing to do with knocked over barrels and missing food. Thanks for the laugh.


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