Thursday, August 13, 2009

Remington's moping

We finally found a good home for our little mare Sara. That is the problem... Since the day he arrive she has followed him around either like he was her baby, or she was just keeping in his shade. Either way he is not happy with her departure. He hasn't left Princeton's side in 24 hours except to walk to the fence and nicker for her. Like I didn't feel bad enough with her leaving.

I guess if the weather is cool enough I will begin to take him for some drives down our country roads to get his mind off it. Who knows, I may even throw a saddle on him and see how he acts. I had planned on teaching him to ride under saddle in the spring, may have to move that date up.

Keep your fingers crossed, its a long way down. LOL

I know he won't do anything bad, but jeez it's scary to look at getting up on him for the first time.

We are still waiting on Guinness. Cheryl says she may check next week to see what is taking soooo long.

We'll keep you posted.


  1. We are so sorry that Sara is gone. She was a sweet lady. We know you found her the very best home!

  2. I'm sorry for Remi that his little buddy is gone. How do you explain something like that when you don't speak his language?

  3. We all miss her. It took me well over a year to find her a proper home. She needed to go to someone that would love her and only use her for pleasure driving or riding. She was still sound and healthy, but she had worked all her life and deserves her retirement.


  4. We are sending some purrs for Remi to get over missing his lady.


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