Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great Googly Moogly, Remi's Gone Hi-Tech

You know how proud you are when your child opens his or her's first saving's account, or wins a contest? Imagine the surprise of finding out your horse has done the same thing.

After opening Remington's email today, I found his spam folder filled with account verifications, bank applications and notices of contest winnings. There must be a hidden laptop in his stall that he has secretly been using late at night after his humans have gone to sleep.

Who knew he had this hidden talent? Certainly not me or his trainer mom and we have yet to find that laptop while cleaning his stall. Now, where could he be hiding it, I wonder? Just exactly how big is this keyboard that he can type on with his size 10 furry slippers?

Is he using voice activation? Neigh, Neigh can't possibly translate into open a Paypal account for me, can it? Or, maybe he's using a carrot to type. We don't have a clue. Do any of you have any ideas? Help us solve this mystery before loads of hay and carrots start showing up that we didn't order.

He's obviously been a very busy boy.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.


  1. OH, NO! How is he doing this! I need to find out before my cats start getting credit cards!

  2. That's what we're trying to figure out. C'mon, put on your thinking cap and help us solve the mystery before he finds out about Twitter and starts spreading the news :)

  3. I just hear that Remi started on Twitter and has requested a "Remi Cam" be set up in the event Skype is not working!

  4. I might've been the cause of one piece of spam because I added this blog to bloghsares.


    Hope you don't mind but I've enjoyed reading it myself and thought that it might bring new readers your way.

  5. Don't mind a bit. I found it funny and wanted to share a giggle with everyone. :)

  6. I added a link to your blog from my blog as well. But I think because of your new found popularity, your blog and contact info is being crossposted far and wide.
    I mean, even I found you via the Yahoo news page! I love anything having to do with horses!!!!
    Now, if Remi starts to Twitter and write his own blogs, then yes, I will be shocked... Lol!

  7. One can never tell what us animals are capable of!

  8. You write the best stories. I love to read about Remi's adventures with your style of writing. Keep on telling us what's happenin.


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