Saturday, June 6, 2009


Remington measured at 80 inches (20 hands tall) today without his shoes. Yesterdays measurement was reported at 80 but upon viewing the photos of the measuring he measured at 80.5

Today's measurement still needs to be certified by Guinness to get their title, but even without it he is still 1/2 inch taller than Radar and that is a new world record.

When the measurement was announced to the crowd they all cheered. He posed for some photos etc. We have just now arrived home. He is happily munching on some well deserved hay, not even knowing how special he is except that his two mommas love him.

Thank you to all for your support and well wishes we might not have been able to withstand all the strain of this without you.

Remington and I are tired now, so we'll be back later.

Trainer mon Bunny


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! TO You and the beautiful HUUUUUGE, world record breaking gorgeous Remington!!!

  2. Great news!! Have a well deserved rest.

  3. Congratulations! It is an honor to know a world record holder!

  4. YAY, remi!!! congratulations!!!!

  5. What a lovely, gentle giant. :)

    Sounds like he really deserved that hay, because we all know how hard it is to hold still when we have too! :)

    Congratulations to his two mamas too! That is a lot of stress! Hope you rewarded yourselves too. :)


  6. YAYYYY!!!! Way to stand tall, Remi baby!
    Your newest blogger fan,


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