Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remi and the bobcat (machine not wild animal)

Ok, I keep getting requests for more stories, and truthfully I could write books about this horse as he just never quits or stops amusing us with his personality.

So here goes. On property is a bobcat, you know the same thing you see on many construction sites. We use it help clean stalls. Yes, that is the kind of equipment you need when you have a horse this big.

Now up till about 2 years ago the bobcat was his absolute favorite thing in the world. You see, he has not met too many things outside of buildings that were bigger, so he had no fear of it. The first time I started it he did his usual thing and bit it. phlucck!!! Not good to eat! He then proceeded to circle it and inspect. When he got to the bucket he placed both front feet on it and then the devil made me do it. I raised the bucket. Instead of jumping and running away, as most horses would do, he just put his head down and looked at me from a new and taller advantage.

After a few minutes I tried to dislodge the big lummox by rocking it and bouncing the bucket, but as would turn out to be a usual turn of events he not only didn't move, but seemed to enjoy it. This started a pattern that although amusing caused me to do double the work and pay for constant repairs on the bobcat. You see I had unknowingly created the first Remington amusement park ride. From that time on every time I needed to use the bobcat I had to give Remi a ride. He would come from any point on the property when he heard the engine start.

This continued till about two years ago when he got soo heavy that when trying to raise the bucket it didn't budge. The back wheels did however come off the ground. Seems like construction equipment should at least withstand the horse.

I have now replaced the seat twice. Remi bites ya know. I guess we are all a little upset when we finally realize that six flags is no longer for us....


  1. It sounds like you're constantly amused with Remi around! What a clown he is!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch


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