Friday, June 5, 2009

Here We Go

Remington is happily munching his breakfast, unaware of his pending road trip today. I haven't told him yet, so shhhh, it's our secret for now. He has been quite the trooper this past week and has graciously left all the microphones and cameras in one piece. There were a few close calls and I thought I had bought some equipment for a minute there. Remember it's all about the food!

So, in a little while we'll take our walk to his horsie RV and head on down the road to get the big boy measured. I'm packing him a snack of carrots and peppermints so he'll be a happy, happy boy. He is anyway, but when there is food, there is joy.

I'll post today's measuring results as soon as I can and hope you'll stay with us through our journey and beyond.

Stay tuned, stay happy and stay with us.


  1. Sending good luck vibes from central Illinois. Go Remi!!

  2. We are sending purrs for Remi! Good Luck! Our Mom is having lunch with some old friends of Chery's and will pass on the news!

  3. Good Luck you big beautiful boy!!!

  4. Crossing my fingers for big numbers!!! The BIGGEST! Wooo Remi! Sending horsey kisses from southern Minnesota! We love you, Remi!

  5. Olá Pessoal!

    Vi uma matéria sobre o cavalo de vocês num dos principais sites do Brasil. Massa esse cavalo!!!


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